NMG’s digital advertising platform, is an invite only programmatic platform for premium publishers. We provide premium publishers and buyers, automated buying and selling, placement, optimization and direct buying and selling of digital advertising. Using the latest technology and brand protection solutions, we drive top tier yield and brand safety for publishers inventory.

The digital ad landscape can be complicated, we focus on a publisher maximizing the value of their digital assets. Our platform empowers publishers to do just that, with guaranteed and non-guaranteed inventory, monetizing across desktop, mobile, and video.

We process billions of bids a day in over 120 countries and give the top publishers access to hundreds of premium global media buyers, demand side platforms, ad exchanges, agencies, agency trading desks, and ad networks supported by the latest technology.

We strive to maximize the value of your digital assets.  Our mix of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) supported by Private auction and preferred deals allows publishers and media buyers to evaluate the attributes of each impression optimizing yield and maximizing revenue.

We provide pricing rule control, packaging performance and bidding behavior. Our Publishers see significantly higher eCPM or pricing than they do from traditional ad networks or exchanges. We are ever presently interacting with media buyers and advertisers to draw attention and expose your inventory to media buyers, who are able to fulfill their marketing campaigns at the highest level in real time.

NMG helps ad buyers reach their target audiences and maximize a campaign’s performance across all platforms, whether it’s Display, Video, or Mobile.

We give publishers access to hundreds of Global Media Buyers, including, the largest global and geo targeted advertisers, demand side platforms, ad exchanges, agencies, agency trading desks, and ad networks supported by a sophicated mix of deal ID, prefered and direct auctions.

Our yield teams are in constant contact with our advertisers and DSP’s, keeping attention and exposure on publisher inventory. Our optimization teams are constantly monitoring and augmenting floor rates and optimization formulas to yield superior eCPM’s to provide the highest level of:

  • Real Time Bidding-Dynamic bidding from DSP’s
  • Programatic Guaranteed-from DSP’s and Agencies
  • Static Bidding-Upfront pricing from Networks
  • Open Auctions-Selling to the highest bidder
  • Direct Order-From Existing Agencies and Advertisers

Private marketplace (PMP) deals have been gaining momentum as one of the most efficient and brand-safe ways of increasing exposure for programmatic display advertisers.

PMP deals are a step between the open real-time marketplace and reservation buys. They allow publishers to offer their premium inventory to a smaller advertiser auction, meaning advertisers can access premium inventory via a smaller and less competitive auction. Publishers are constantly expanding and improving their PMP offering, making this way of buying inventory increasingly attractive for advertisers.

What’s in It for Publishers?

  • Publishers running PMP auctions have a new way of filling their valuable ad space. Rather than continuing to be reliant on a direct sales team for all ad space, they can connect with a sell-side platform and easily make their inventory available to a number of advertisers in a controlled manner.
  • PMP deals allow publishers to remain in control of the advertisers serving creative on their website. It’s important for many high-quality and high-traffic publishers to maintain a level of brand safety in terms of the ads served on their site. PMPs allow them to choose who is eligible to enter their private auction.
  • Additionally, publishers can use PMPs to more easily sell their first-party data in audiences which are extremely valuable to advertisers. This allows advertisers access to data in a unique and controlled fashion, and provides an additional USP for advertisers.

What’s in It for Advertisers?

  • First and foremost, PMPs allow advertisers to programmatically target premium publisher’s inventory, which is not available in an open exchange. Typically this inventory comes at a premium cost, so advertisers must determine whether the high-quality placements they’re reaching are worth the investment.
  • PMPs should be a complementary addition to any real-time bidding campaign, as they allow for more access to great inventory, while keeping the control with advertisers regarding when and where they want to serve their ads.
  • PMP campaigns can form a key part of a biddable display campaign. Liaising with publishers in this way allows advertisers to take advantage of the rich media and video formats often available on popular publishers, as well as their first-party data in many circumstances. PMPs can be an excellent addition to strong performing real-time bidding campaigns as often they are a way to use site performance data from the exchange to secure more premium content on the most successful publisher sites.

API’s allow for developers to automate common tasks associated with ad serving. Many publishers are pushing toward having direct advertisers load up their own campaigns, We have developed an API’s to make this possible and tap into one of the largest global demand platforms in a seamless manner.

We have created a web service allowing developers to control the ad server and give comprehensive access to the various objects in the ad server like advertisers, user campaigns etc. Accessing reporting, invoicing and loading up new campaigns is a sample how our API can be used.
We continue to develop this capability to provide our publisher with premium services.

We offer publisher’s API access for the following use cases:

  • Reporting Access
  • Server Side Header Bidding

We give the publishers complete control over what buyer has access to it’s inventory, so you can assure the appropriateness of advertisements and protect your premium brand.

By utilizing flexible pricing, creative review and inventory controls to determine which ads deliver and preventing unwanted ads, we are constantly striving to provide top tier protections.

To NMG Digital, quality control means many things:  We only use quality inventory, quality publishers, quality brands, and quality traffic.

Extensive category blocking

  • We instantly analyze and categorizes ad and page content to prevent unwanted ads.

Powerful malware and spam blocking

  • We have built in malware protection to prevent any malicious ad activity.

Simplified creative

  • Every ad must pass through multiple creative checkpoints, including human review, to be eligible to deliver

In other words, we have a strict supply policy and ever presently monitoring to filter out non-human traffic, common malware, and low quality inventory.  Our no nonsense approach to inventory fraud ensures a trusted environment for all.