Header bidding has pushed forward the evolution of programmatic advertising and continues to grow at an unprecedented speed.

Our product is a premium solution and among the top yielding solutions used by publishers today. By providing access to one of the largest platform of premium advertisers and demand partners – publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions. The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that help publishers optimize the value of every impression.

Publishers can:

Fully optimize the value of every impression and request
Increase competition across secure, high quality premium demand in over 100 countries
Eliminate passbacks that create discrepancies and thus capture a larger percentage of revenue per request
Set up Private Marketplaces and Real-Time Guaranteed deals
Compete better against your direct deals

We will continue to strengthen and build new capabilities for our header bidding solution and stay out in front with the latest solutions as this technology develops. We as well will continue to share our findings with our partners and the programmatic community.